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K&R in Plan 9 C


These pages chronicle my (abandoned as of Jan 2022) journey through Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie’s The C Programming Language (Second Edition) [PDF] — but rendering the example programs and exercises in the Plan 9 implementation (“dialect”) of C rather than in the book’s ANSI C.

Plan 9 C uses a different standard library from ANSI C as well as different style conventions [1]. Minor differences are therefore visible in every program here. A few of these programs demonstrate major differences (mainly having to do with core input and output functions); these programs are indicated in bold.

One disclaimer: These programs represent only the best efforts of a hobbyist. There may be better ways to implement the Plan 9 standard library than I have found, and for all I know, some of my solutions may do things the “wrong” way. Beware!


[1]: See P. Gagliardi, “C Programming in Plan 9 from Bell Labs”; style(6).

Chapter 1