WelCOM SDF Plan9 Boot Camp

tea note presentation #1 (about an hour)

Live Stream June 26th, 2022 2pm PST


  • What is Plan9, its history and what's new
  • Goals, Activities and Expectations of the Boot Camp
  • A brief tour of the user interface and concepts
  • Q&A - Post Q's in 'com' or twitch chat throughout the Tea Note

    Where to get !HELP MAN MAN HELP!

  • https://wiki.sdf.org/doku.php?id=boot_camp_9p_resource The SDF user contributed WIKI
  • plan9-l@sdf.org (email 'subscribe plan9-l' to majordomo@sdf.org
  • cat-v.org Uriel was right
  • 9front.org A vigorously enthusiastic fork of Plan9
  • p9f.org The Plan9 Foundation
  • 9p.io former bell-labs.com
  • shithub - Ori's plan9 community git repo