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SDF Plan9 Boot Camp Summer 2022 Challenges

  • Complete the challenges and score the highest cumulative points by September 22nd, 2022
  • Some challenges will have time limits - those limits will be noted in the challenge.
  • Win the Lenovo ThinkPad T500 or a Raspberry Pi Zero w running plan9front!
  • Details of how you completed each challenge should be emailed to the sdf.org membership account.
  • Once you have received your score for a challenge that score is final (no do overs!)
  • Details will be disclosed for all Boot Camp participants on September 30th, 2022
  • In the result of tied scores, the winner will be pulled from a hat in a live stream.

    Leader Board

  • Leader Board is here: High Scores

    Challenge 1 - LOGIN, SCREENSHOT and HOMEPAGE it!

  • Successfully connect to 9p.sdf.org under your own user account
  • Make a screenshot as screenshot-summer-2022.png in your 9p.sdf.org homepage directory
  • Screen shots are hosted: HERE (updated regularly)

    Questions and Thoughts

  • What is your HOMEPAGE URL?
  • How do you transfer files to and from 9p.sdf.org?
    Total possible score: 29pts
  • 9pts for logging in
  • 5pts for a screenshot
  • 5pts for content creativity
  • 10pts if you create it entirely on 9p.sdf.org

    Challenge 2 - FACE OFF? NEINBOOK!

  • Successfully create a face(6) to represent yourself on 9p.sdf.org in 'neinbook' and 'faces'
  • Install your face as $home/lib/face/$user.1 and run 'faceoff' (updates are queued)
  • Make a window capture as neinbook-summer-2022.png in your 9p.sdf.org homepage directory
  • NOTE: If you'd rather not show your true face, you may use an artistic expression
  • NEINBOOK shots are linked: HERE (updated regularly)
    Total possible score: 26pts
  • 5pts creating a face image file
  • 3pts for image quality
  • 9pts for properly installing it and (carefully!) adding a definition
  • 6pts for emailing the plan9-l mailing list to FACE OFF
  • 3pts create an image of a neinbook window w/ your face - post in your personal website on 9p

    Challenge 3 - You've got THE LOOK!

  • Attend or view the Tea Note #3 video for a live demo customizing rio
  • This will be a guided workshop with participation from start to finish
  • Make a screenshot of your theme as theme-summer-2022.png in your $home/html
  • Make a text file of your theme as theme-summer-2022.txt in your $home/html
  • First line of your theme file should be a title for your theme
  • rio themes and screen shots are hosted: HERE
    Total possible score: 24pts
  • 5pts for attending the Tea Note #3 (say 'hello world' in the twitch chat or 'com')
  • 9pts Create a least one usable theme file and screenshot
  • 5pts for content creativity
  • 5pts for legibility, clarity (including ADA themes)

    more challenges to come! Watch this page